Tuition & Fees

All financial assistance is need-based and determined by a recommendation from a third-party application process. At this time approximately 29% of our families receive assistance.
Parishioner (subsidized)* Non-Parishioner
# of children Total Family Tuition # of children Total Family Tuition
1 child $10,560 1 child $12,360
2 children $18,239 2 children $21,839
3 children $24,809 3 children $30,209
4 children $32,046 4 children $39,246
Pre-K $10,560 Pre-K $12,360
Part-time Pre-K $5,280 Part-time Pre-K $6,180
*To receive the parishioner rates, each Catholic family must submit a current Parish Subsidy form to its parish during registration. It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the school receives a copy of this voucher by March 31, or within 2 weeks of applying to ACS.
Asheville Catholic School's mission is to inspire our students to change the world as Christian leaders.  With this end in mind, we accept all who are open to learning about how God guides us, through the teachings of Christ, to love Him above all, and love others as ourselves.  As part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, we welcome all with open arms.