Learning Support

At Asheville Catholic School, we welcome all learners! 
We strive to provide assistance and programs to serve students with mild to moderate learning differences. These programs are designed to assist each student in reaching his or her full potential by addressing learning issues through support at three levels: student, teacher, and parent.  The goals of the Program are:
  • To assist the family and school community in identification of students needing additional educational support. These needs include mild learning disabilities, learning concerns, and attention disorders.
  • To provide support to reinforce regular classroom instruction for students who are appropriately placed in a mainstreamed learning environment.
  • To consult with teachers in providing appropriate and successful instruction to students in the mainstreamed environment who can be successful in the Diocese of Charlotte system. Student Educational and Accommodation Plans may be provided for students with diagnosed learning concerns.
  • To support parents who are seeking information, support, and/or services for their child who requires additional assistance (Learning Support Assistance, assessment/evaluation/treatment by community professionals, alternative school placement).

Academic Support Department

Asheville Catholic has a full academic support department consisting of 3 full time academic support teachers who assist students who struggle with learning differences, including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.

Middle School Study Hall

Asheville Catholic School offers a weekly Middle School Study Hall. Students have the opportunity to work on their math skills, review the week’s lessons, and prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes. Students are also welcome to work on homework or study for other subjects during this time.  There are no fees for this program.
Asheville Catholic School's mission is to inspire our students to change the world as Christian leaders.  With this end in mind, we accept all who are open to learning about how God guides us, through the teachings of Christ, to love Him above all, and love others as ourselves.  As part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, we welcome all with open arms.