Lower School

From Pre Kindergarten through fourth grade, our focus is to provide the foundation that students need to handle the increased rigor found in our middle school programs. Foundational skills in math and language arts, as well as knowledge in science, social studies, and religion prepare them to understand and think more critically about the world around them. An integral part of their preparation includes an intense focus on writing skills, including the development of cursive handwriting. 
Throughout all subject areas, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy is utilized to nurture students towards higher order thinking as they learn and synthesize new information. A critical aspect of this approach is an embracing of failure as a necessary component of success. We teach our students to look towards failure as a part of the process of learning, and to analyze each failure to find opportunities for learning.
Asheville Catholic School's mission is to inspire our students to change the world as Christian leaders.  With this end in mind, we accept all who are open to learning about how God guides us, through the teachings of Christ, to love Him above all, and love others as ourselves.  As part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, we welcome all with open arms.