Leader’s Light the Way Capital Campaign

The Leader’s Light the Way Campaign is the first of it’s kind in the 63 year history of Asheville Catholic School.  Never has our school undertaken a dedicated capital campaign solely for the purpose of building 6 new classrooms, and renovating the existing building.

How can you help?

  1.  Share your financial blessings with the campaign by making a 3-5 year pledge. Download this Pledge Card, fill it out and email it to rmartin@ashevillecatholic.org and mmiller@ashevillecatholic.org.
  2. Prayer:  make a commitment to pray our Leaders Light the Way Campaign Prayer,, each day through the conclusion of the campaign.
  3. Here’s our Brochure to make it easy to spread the word with excitement and enthusiasm!


South Wing Addition

6 brand new classrooms

  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Academic Support
  • Art

New restroom facilities

New storage and custodial facilities

New group meeting spaces

Cost:  $2.5 million

Renovation of  Existing Building

  • Removal and replacement of

          7,000+sq. ft. of asbestos floor tile

  • Complete renovation of student and staff restrooms
  • Replacement of original windows with

          new, energy efficient windows

  • Update lighting throughout with energy efficient lighting
  • Complete renovation of kitchen to meet

          all licensing and permit requirements

  • Replace original ceilings in classrooms

           Cost: $1 million