Lunch periods are as follows:

PreK-2nd grade:  11:25-11:55
3rd-4th grade:  11:20-11:50
5th-8th grade:  11:50-12:20

Students have the option of ordering lunches or bringing their own lunches. If ordering online, all lunch orders must be completed each month between the 6th and 20th (to place orders for the following month). For the month of September, ordering begins August 18 and ends August 25.

Order Lunch Here!

Please remember, if you choose the check option your payment must be received in the office by the due date stated on the lunch order website.

Forgotten Lunch

If a child forgets their lunch, they will first call home from the office phone to ask if a lunch can be brought to them. If that is not possible, they will be served a meal of a bagel with fruit or yogurt. The cost of the lunch is $5.50 ($4.50 for the meal plus a $1.00 late fee). Your son/daughter will be asked to sign the “Forgotten Lunch” log and will come home with a note that payment is due. Payment will be posted through SMART Tuition. All payments must come clearly marked with your child’s name and grade.