Tuition and Fees





Application Fee:         $30 per family (only for new families, non-refundable)

Assessment Fee:         $74 per student (paid directly to ABC Educational, only for new students)

Registration Fee:        $150 per student (non-refundable)

Capital Fee:                $300 per family (non-refundable)

Technology Fee:         $100 per students in Kindergarten – 5th Grade

$150 per student in 6th – 8th Grade



PARISHIONER                                                                     NON-PARISHIONER


# of Children                   Total Family Tuition                         # of Children                    Total Family Tuition

1 Child                                      $  8,000                                                     1 Child                                $9,800

2 Children                                 $13,400                                                   2 Children                         $17,000

3 Children                                 $17,800                                                    3 Children                         $23,200

4 Children                                 $22,800                                                    4 Children                          $30,000


Pre-K                                              $8,000                                   Pre-K                                             $9,800

Part-time Pre-K                         $  4,700                                    Part-time Pre-K                         $5,600


  • For Continuous Enrollment families, the registration fee will be drafted with your normal tuition from SMART in February 2018.


  • To receive the parishioner rates, each Catholic family must submit a current Parish Voucher to its parish during registration. It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the school receives a copy of this voucher by Friday, March 30, 2018 or within 2 weeks of applying to ACS.


  • Tuition may be paid in one annual installment (due to ACS on May 2, 2018) or in 12 equal monthly installments. Families who do not pay in one installment must make payments through the SMART tuition collection system on their chosen date and will be responsible for the $20 late fee if payments are not received on time.  There is a $50 service charge per family assessed for SMART, billed for and paid to SMART on your first payment.  


  • If a student withdraws from school after May 1, 2018, tuition will be refunded to the student’s family on a pro rata basis; provided that the family has paid for tuition in one annual installment. No refunds will be issued to families who pay for tuition through the SMART program.  All families are liable for monthly payments and/or late fees due prior to the date of withdrawal.


  • All new families, including current families who do not re-register prior to May 1, 2018, who register with the SMART program are required to make payments via automatic draft.





We encourage you to review Asheville Catholic School’s Tuition Agreement and Tuition Delinquency Policy.