Asheville Catholic consistently proves itself as one the areas strongest schools.  Year in and year out, Asheville Catholic sends us some of our most competitive applicants – they are scholars, athletes, eagle scouts, musicians, and leaders. They are well prepared for rigorous academic and challenging extra-circular programs.”  -Garrison Conner, Director of Admissions, Christ School

“Asheville Catholic School is more than just a place to drop off your child every day. It’s a vibrant community which, through the volunteer commitment of the parents and the extra effort by the faculty, offers so much to enhance our children’s classwork – field trips, the sports programs, drama, the Declamation competition, community outreach, Sunshine Math, and my personal favorite, the Big Friend/Little Friend program, which pairs up older students with younger ones, to the benefit of both.” -Rich Mathews, Alumni Parent

“ACS gave me the academic and study skills to do well in high school. High school is still hard, and I have to work a lot, but it would be so much more difficult were it not for ACS.”-Max Martin, Alumni Student


“One thing that drew us to ACS was that every class has an outreach program, which teaches the students to think and act beyond themselves”Kyle Olinger, Current Parent


“All of the teachers care for us”-Nora, 2nd grader

“I like the small community in which everyone knows everyone.”-Tyler, 8th grader


“Even though this is a daily occurrence, I am still impressed and touched that teachers and the principal greet each child by ame at the start of the day. What an awesome way to make each child feel special and important!”-Diane Song, Current Parent


“Asheville Catholic has an amazing sense of community, starting with the loving, devoted, talented and knowledgeable staff; extending from Pre-K through 8th grade with students literally growing up here.”-Heather Zunguze, kindergarten teacher


“I value the community at ACS. The great love the faculty has for the students has a trickle down effect. The students feel that love, and pass if off to one another.”-Margaret Beale, middle school social studies