Spiritual Life

Asheville Catholic School is dedicated to spreading the Good News each day through the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Our environment offers students many opportunities to cultivate their spirituality, develop their faith and learn self-discipline as they grow into responsible citizens of the world. In addition to required religion courses at every grade level, we promote active involvement in the liturgical, spiritual and sacramental life of our parishes. We place emphasis on essential activities, such as daily prayer, liturgical participation, and sacramental preparation and participation.  With the guidance of our Holy Father Pope Francis  and Father Pat Cahill at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church, our goal is to help our students build a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Asheville Catholic School is a place where faculty and students pray together daily, the Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated every Friday, special feasts and seasons are celebrated, and Jesus’ teachings serve as the educational foundation.

Daily Prayer

At Asheville Catholic School, each day begins with shared prayer. Prayers are also shared at lunch and at the end of the day. Prayer may be offered at any time during the school day; it is not limited to religion class. Students recite formal prayers appropriate to their age and grade level, and may spontaneously make petitions for intentions they hold dear.

Liturgical Participation

The ACS school community participates in Mass regularly throughout the school year, typically on Friday. Students serve as readers, altar servers, and choir members. Classes rotate in hosting school Masses. Attending Mass is the highlight of our week and of Holy Days of Obligation, and so, children wear their dress uniform on those days to look their very best for the occasion. Parents and family are always welcome to join in our weekly celebration of Mass.

Sacramental Preparation and Participation

Asheville Catholic School supports families in the preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation through prayer, supportive instruction, and offering experiences of these Sacraments once they are received. Preparation itself occurs at home under the guidance of the church, not through the school. For information and registration for preparation of these Sacraments, please visit our parishes.