Community Outreach

Asheville Catholic School’s Outreach and Community Service program is one of the most important aspects of religious education at ACS. Each class volunteers on its own outreach project, usually on a bimonthly basis.  What our students learn during their outreach service cannot be duplicated in any classroom or included in a textbook.  At an early age, ACS students discover that everyone, even the youngest among us, can make a difference.  Below is a list of community service projects for each class:

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students visit the residents of Golden Living Center, bringing them cards or gifts they have made, and sharing songs and skits.

1st and 2nd graders visit the residents of Brooks-Howell Home, where they share stories and projects, play games, and interact with the retired missionaries who live there.

3rd graders clean and re-stock enclosures, and give special attention to the animals at the Animal Haven of Asheville, a rescue organization for unwanted and abused animals.

4th graders work with Asheville Greenworks beautifying Asheville area parks and public areas.

5th graders work one-on-one with children at the Charles Bell Elementary School Head Start program, helping with craft projects and reading stories.

6th graders work with Manna Food Bank, helping to collect canned food donations, and assisting with the preparation of meal packets.

7th graders work with the Welcome Table at The Haywood Street Congregation, helping with cleaning up after serving lunch to the homeless.

8th graders work with ESL kindergarten students at Emma School, tutoring children and helping them with their English, ABCs, and colors.