8th Grade Social Studies

8th Social Studies Curriculum Map


Unit 1: Building a Nation

  • Three Cultures Meet
    • US and NC Geography
    • Cultures Meet in America
    • Contact and Exchange
  • Life in the Colonies
    • Three Colonial Regions
    • Colonial Perspectives
  • Revolutionary America
    • Colonies Come of Age
    • Break from Britain
    • Fighting for Independence


Unit 2: Becoming and Independent Nation

  • Establishing a New Government
    • The Articles of Confederation
    • Creating a Government
    • A More Perfect Union
  • Leaders and Challenges of a New Nation
    • The Early Republic
    • The Age of Jefferson


Unit 3: A Nation Expands

  • Building a New National Identity
    • War and Diplomacy
    • A Growing Nation
  • New Horizons
    • The Age of Jackson
    • Westward Expansion
  • Industrial Expansion and Reform
    • Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization
    • Reform Movements


Unit 4: A Nation Divided

  • Slavery and the Civil War
    • Slavery Life and Culture
    • The Road to Disunion
    • The Course of War
    • Impact of the War
  • Reconstruction
    • Unity and Division
    • An Era Ends


Unit 5: The Dawn of the American Century

  • A Country Transformed
    • The Growing West
    • Coming to America
    • The Gilded Age
    • The Progressive Movement
  • America’s Global Reach
    • Imperialism and the Spanish-American War
    • The US Enters the Great War
    • Challenges of Intervention
  • New Voices Emerge
    • The Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance
    • The Roaring Twenties


Unit 6: Global Upheaval  

  • The Great Depression
    • The Depression Begins
    • A New Deal
  • World War II
    • From Isolation to War
    • A Global Conflict
    • World War II at Home


Unit 7: America in the Post War World  

  • After the War
    • New Powers Emerge
    • Life in the 1950s
    • Conflict Abroad
  • A Time of Change
    • Civil Rights Movement
    • Vietnam War
    • Expanding Rights


Unit 8: Entering the Digital Age

  • A New Direction
    • Growth at Home
    • A New World Order
  • America in the 21st Century
    • Emerging Threats
    • America’s Next Century


Essential Standards: The students will study the above by diving into five strands history, geography, economics and financial literacy, government and civics, and culture. This course will instill essential skills along with the knowledge and understandings of the above topics. These skills include:

  • History
    • Apply historical thinking to understand the creation and development of North Carolina and the United States
    • Understand the ways in which conflict, compromise, and negotiations have shaped North Carolina and the United States
    • Understand the factors that contribute to change and continuity in North Carolina and the United States
  • Geography
    • Understand the geographic factors that influenced North Carolina and the United States
  • Economics and Financial Literacy
    • Understand the economic activities of North Carolina and the United States
  • Government and Physics
    • Analyze how democratic ideals shaped government in North Carolina and the United States
    • Understand the role that citizen participation plays in societal change
  • Culture
    • Understand how different cultures influenced North Carolina and the United States